Croatian Jam Kiflice

Kiflice look like adorable little croissants but with a shortbread texture and (usually) a tart, plum jam filling. Sometimes walnuts. Occasionally apples.

Warming Seafood Laksa

With both heat AND spice there’s an indisputable warming that only a soup like laksa can bring.

Rosti Tray Bake

Shredded sweet potato acts as the base and the layers just build from there. Roasted truss tomatoes, smashed avo, sour cream, capers, rocket and dill. Then some smoked salmon for a final flourish.

Backstage with a Vegetable Voyeur

Making friends with the family that owns my local Canberra greengrocer – Ziggy’s Fresh – has been one of the unexpected foodie highlights of my year.

Sriracha Prawn Noodle Salad

Even though it’s now autumn, I’m still savouring summer tastes while the warmth lingers. This Sriracha Prawn Noodle Salad is an easy please.

The Scoop on Chestnuts

My antipodean foodies, you needn’t be daunted nor should you refrain. Roaring fires,  plane tickets and even Christmas music are not required to enjoy the chestnut!

Mexican Sweet Potato Bowls

Even if you’ve been hiding under a lettuce leaf somewhere, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed an increasing trend in serving whole meals in bowls. Rice bowls, quinoa bowls, poké bowls, smoothie bowls. Heck, soon they’ll be serving soup in bowls!

Polenta with Mushrooms

For me, the idea that polenta is somehow ‘cool’ or ‘fancy’ is a bit like if you heard that in Mongolia, fine dining restaurants serve rissoles with gravy.

Zucchini Club Frittata

Long have the zucchini gods frowned upon me… until this year. I’m finally in da club.