Emma Bickley_Photo Befor We Eat_Headshot

My name is Emma Bickley. I’m an irrepressible foodie who divides my time between cooking, eating and a few other tasks which pale into insignificance by comparison. Following recipes to the letter is not my style, I cook by feel… and with an irresponsible amount of butter.

Even my small children (AKA culinary protégés) already know that no one eats until a photograph has been taken – hence the name of the blog, Photo Before We Eat.

My work is more than just photos – it’s about the STORY. The adjectives swirl in my head and I just have to get them on the page. Or my Instagram videos where I’m a compulsive food sharer. I can go fifteen minutes on figs alone but usually it’s snippets from my foodie life and you lot seem to enjoy following along.

I love PEOPLE. I get a rush discovering what goes on behind the dish which arrives in front of me. “Where is the farm? Incredible.” Always up for a chat, I find out the little details that even the cook or grower didn’t realise would be interesting – and then I share it with you all.

Camera in hand, I am a serious food voyeur and find beauty in the simplest pile of rhubarb. Shopping with me takes longer than with others because I pore over ingredients. “Feel this pomegranate skin, isn’t it stunning?” It really is.

Usually you’ll find me in the kitchen, dishes piled high with a big smile and something colourful being plated up for family and friends. Sharing food with people is my ultimate happy place. If I can feed you, I will.

Otherwise I’m the lady at the markets, chatting to random strangers about what’s in season or running an impromptu workshop on the dish I’m inventing on the spot. “Would you go dill in this?” If you see me there, be warned, I will make you squeeze or smell something fabulous.

And if all else fails, look for me at a little hole in the wall restaurant, slurping noodles with reckless abandon but still managing to maintain a conversation.

Emma x