Hall is so much closer than you think. I don’t even know where you live, but you’ll be legitimately surprised and questioning the laws of physics. Drive past outer Gungahlin and – bam – it’s there. And so is Kynefin.

The name means ‘habitat’; somewhere you feel comfortable. You’re not expected to know or remember that. But what you will probably remember is the word ‘Bombolini’. If you’re a donut lover, no doubt you have been missing these market stall favourites. Well, this is where they’re hiding.

Kynefin 2

The folks that brought you those crisp, doughy puffs, exploding with custard, and flavours like Madagascan vanilla, are now located in the quaint little village of Hall.

Take the short drive out of the CBD and the scenery changes almost seamlessly to a calming rural landscape. Settle in for a good quality coffee and, if you have kids, let them have a play on the oval within view of the back verandah.

Meanwhile you can peruse the menu – or the sweets cabinet. Before you even ask, yes, there’s a smashed avo option. Made on a traditional soda bread that’s baked in-house, it’s a delicious light breakfast. Paired with a donut to-go, it’s perfect.

Kynefin 4

Next time I visit, I’ll be trying the eggs on Three Mills Sourdough with tomato kasoundi (like a relish, I believe). Or the Welsh pancakes. Maybe both. Or I might stay for lunch. I’m keen to become acquainted with the smoked fish chowder.

We can also report that the babycinos are of a high standard. Phew!

Decked out with a modern vibe, the ambience has the slow, welcoming pace of the country. You feel like you could spend most of a day here. There’s a bunch of little shops to explore along the main street of Hall.

And you can still be back in Canberra proper in time for school pickup, donut treats in hand! Dare I be corny and suggest you make this your new ‘kynefin’? I dare!

Kynefin 3


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